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Ž Dairy Livestock Exports Pty Ltd

Ž  Empowering  Our International Clients Businesses 

Our Business Is Currently a Major Key... Gateway in Exporting Livestock out of Australia.


· DLE’s aim is to provide your company the best quality services we are able to provide….Clients with ...Your Agricultural Livestock Stocking Needs

· Our Customer service is a high priority

· Every order is tailored to suit all individual Customer > Specifications

· Available Cattle: Cows/Heifers: pregnant or empty.../bulls/steers — for client are : from fully registered pedigrees to commercial livestock

· DLE Is known for sourcing: high Genetics in all Beef Breeds & Dairy Breeds/ from fully registered Breeds to Commercial Grade Livestock

· International Country Importing Health Protocols for Stock Selection are met before you arrive to Australia

· Specifications  in criteria of Health/Vet checks/Vaccines'/Quarantines are all met for each Individual Importing countries


· Enables Importing Countries to promptly source Australia’s Best Quality Livestock, within a short period of time.

· DLE Provide Quality Quarantine Service on DLE Premises